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Tyres and Wheels

Tyres are crucial to your vehicle's safety on the road. Unfortunately, most individuals don't give your tyres much consideration until they get a flat or their automobile is unable to maintain a decent grip on the road.

People generally acquire new tyres to pass a road worthiness test (RWC), when they have a flat tyre due to a puncture or tyre damage, when they sell their automobile, or when the present tyre treads get worn and pose a safety concern. When we talk about a car's wheel, we're actually talking about the rim.

The rim is the outside edge of the tyre that keeps it in place. Damaged rims are not only unattractive, but they may also compromise the balance and fit of the tyres. New wheels are sometimes chosen only for cosmetic reasons. The width of your wheels (rims) can also affect the performance of your car. Elegant new rims may completely transform the appearance of your car and give it a distinct appeal. Smaller wheels give a car a low-profile appearance, but bigger wheels give it a sportier or muscular appearance.

Puncture Repairs

Puncture repairs are typically achievable if they occur inside the tread region of the tyre and have a diameter of less than 5mm. If your puncture is larger than 6mm, the puncture is on the sidewall, or your tyres are worn, we will need to replace them.

We'll check your tyres and tell you if they're worth fixing or whether they need to be replaced. If your tyre is damaged beyond repair, we can replace it with a new or used one.

If you need new tyres, the most crucial factor to consider is how effectively they will brake on wet roads. Some tyres have a low rolling resistance, which can help you save money on gas. There are other noise-reducing tyres on the market. Whatever tyres you want, we will assist you in selecting the best tyres for your safety and budget. We'll have a tyre appropriate for your needs from our large selection of new and excellent used tyres.

Wheel Alignment

Driving on bad road conditions, such as pothole-infested roads, is the most common cause of wheel misalignment. Another reason might be a car accident or even a simple collision with a curb.

There are certain signs that you should check for to see whether you require a wheel alignment. If you find your car pulling to one side while driving, it's possible you're in need of a wheel alignment. Another sign is if your steering wheel is not in the centre position while going straight or if your tyres are wearing unevenly.

The best thing you can do is get your wheels aligned on a regular basis by a professional wheel alignment service. Once every 10,000 kilometres is a decent rule of thumb. Your tyres will last much longer if you undergo a regular wheel alignment. Poor wheel alignment can significantly shorten the life of your tyres, necessitating the purchase of new tyres sooner rather than later. Our wheel alignment procedure entails correcting the angle of your car's wheels to the standards of the manufacturer. Your car will go straight without pulling to one side if you have your wheels aligned.

Wheel Rotation

Wheel rotation is required to prevent uneven tread wear and to ensure that a pair of tyres lasts as long as possible. Because of the nature of the tyres, their wheel locations, and the weight they bear, wheels wear unevenly over time.

Front-wheel-drive cars' front wheels are continually subjected to braking, steering, and driving forces. This can lead to quicker wear, which is why a wheel rotation can help you get the most out of your tyres.

When rotating 4WD tyres, the left rear wheel is swapped with the right front wheel, and the right rear wheel is swapped with the left front wheel.

The rear and front wheels on either side are swapped in a straight tyre rotation. Even if your tyres do not appear to be unevenly worn, a tyre rotation should be performed every 5 to 8,000 kilometres. It's a good idea to get wheel balance and tyre rotation done at the same time. A wheel rotation is beneficial to all automobile drive types, including front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, 4WD, and AWD. We'll help you take care of your tyres and get the most mileage out of them at Golden Tyres.

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